Addicting Slots You Should Try Today


Online casinos have been gaining popularity for several years. Thanks to them, we can experience the same thrill of emotions as in Las Vegas, but we do not even have to leave our own home.

Some casinos are associated mainly with poker, roulette and other table games, but that’s not all you can expect. Online casinos are also countless slot games that attract their amazing graphics, often based on various types of movies, comics and music.

In addition, bonuses appear in most of the machines. All these features guarantee great fun and high wins. That’s why casino games are so popular.

Below you will find two of the best slots available in online casinos, which you simply have to play. But watch out, because these games machines can draw you in for hours.

Guns N’ Roses


Guns N’ Roses is a slot created by NetEnt, which refers to the work of the most famous rock band of the same name in the world.

It is a 5-roll machine with 20 scoring paylines. It stands out above all amazing music, which will surely satisfy numerous fans of the band. During the game, we can hear songs like “Sweet Child of Mine”, “Paradise City”, “November Rain”, “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Chinese Democracy”.

As for the game itself, it contains a lot of interesting animations, and the drums look as if they were placed in front of the stage where the concert is just taking place.

Interestingly, there is a possibility to choose a song from the playlist in the lower left corner, so that your favourite music will accompany you during the game.

appetite for destructionThere is also a wild symbol – “Appetite for Destruction”, which appears in the form of a cross and replaces all the others. It is a random symbol that can appear on the screen at any time of your game.

In the meantime, another wild symbol may appear – the Guns n’ Roses band itself. It can occur on any of the drums except the third one. This symbol substitutes for the other, with the exception of the bonus, creating the highest possible combination on the given payline, allowing for larger wins.

You may also come across the symbol of the bonus wheel that appears on the first, third and fifth reels. Thanks to it, you get free spins, a bonus game – Crowd-Pleaser and high wins in the form of chips.


Hellboy is a slot machine from Microgaming.

This 5-roll game with 20 scoring paylines is based on the hero of the comic of the same name.

Hellboy is known for his right-hand stone and the hero’s likeness is scatter.

If you draw 3 or more of these symbols, you will receive a Underworld bonus that multiplies the winnings. In this bonus you will travel through 4 different underground tunnels to get guarded artefacts.

There are four levels of the game, but not all tunnels will help you find the way to the treasure – entering some tunnels results in returning to the regular game.

During the usual game, you can randomly find Supermode, which gives you 10 free spins with the wild symbol on one, two or three positions. So, you can count on incredibly high winnings.

If there are punctuated symbols during the game on a bet line, you can use the gamble function. Thanks to it, you can multiply your winnings. All you need to do is guess the colour of the card lying on the table. However, it is risky, because incorrect answer makes the win lost.

Top 3 casino games for parties


Helping you out

Are you planning to have a big party any time soon? Do you prefer small gatherings with just your best friends? Either way I have something special for you. I know how complicated it can sometimes be to find suitable activities for your event.

helpAlso, you want to make it perfect, since you are hosting. I can understand all of that. It might be the biggest pain for you to come up with so many things to do while partying, but I can help you out. What if I told you that I can make the preparation very easy? How? Well, what about casino games for parties?

I’d say that it’s a perfect choice. How can a party be successful without a little bit of excitement? Seven minutes in heaven is for kids. Try casino games for parties! On the other hand, I understand that you might not have a lot of time to come up with them. Therefore, I am helping you and giving you a list of top 3 casino games for parties. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Start simple

Honestly, I’m being a little bit biased with my first choice for casino games for parties. It’s slots! I just love them so much, since they’re so easy to play. Also, they’re so much fun. Who doesn’t like trying out multiple slots and seeing what luck has in store for them?

My advice would be to go one by one and see who can win the most. This will add a little bit of competition into your party. Personally, I’d like to be invited into that kind of a party.

Show your cards


What about blackjack? This is a classic when it comes to casino games for parties. Also, it’s not that difficult, so everyone can enjoy it. Blackjack has been played for years at parties, so you and your friends will not be disappointed! All you need is some cards and a good mood. Therefore, playing this is a safe bet for anyone. I’m sure your friends will thank you once you take out the cards and suggest this game.

Feel like James Bond


Some people watch James Bond movies at parties. However, you can make it even better. Why not FEEL like him? A little bit of roulette can completely upgrade your whole party. There is no need to have a lame event if you can easily change that. Also, roulette is quite easy to learn, so no guests will be excluded from the fun. There are a lot of casino games for parties, but this one stands out from the crowd. So, where’s your wheel?

Time to prepare

Which games will you be trying out during your party? Don’t forget that it’s not a good event if there is no excitement and adrenaline involved. I’m sure that this list helped you to create the full agenda of the evening without any worries. Have fun and let me know how everything went! I might have to prepare my own party now.

Free slot apps that will change your life


A life changer

Are you ready to change your life by 180-degrees? What if I told you that there is an easy way to do that? Well, prepare for free slot apps. They have been taking the world by storm. Therefore, today we will see all the details that you need to know about them. What’s so special about slots? Keep on reading and you will find out soon enough.

life-changerFirstly, I must admit that I felt in love with the convenience of free slot apps. We all carry our phones everywhere with us, so it makes total sense. Also, you can enjoy high-quality games whether you have an iPhone or an android phone. No need to have that argument of which phone is better because you can have equally great games on it.

Only the best quality

Moreover, I feel the need to give some credit to those who create those free slot apps. The games have such an amazing quality! You won’t even want to go to a real casino after downloading some apps. I guess that it’s the beauty of the 21st century. These life changing apps could be on your phone in just a minute. Doesn’t that sound great? It might have sounded like fiction not so long ago, but now it’s reality! It takes just a few seconds to start enjoying the best apps on your phone.

qualitySo, which apps should you get? Honestly, there are so many to choose from, so I tried to make it easier for you. For example, Slotomania is very known when it comes to free slot apps. I feel like Slotomania never disappoints if you are looking for high-quality games. It’s a great way to reduce stress after a long day of studying or working.

Even more options

OptionsWhat else would I recommend? Well, what about Bet 365? It’s also a perfect choice if you are looking for free slot apps to entertain you. Bet 365 casino is known for its great games and easy ways to use, so you can relax and enjoy while playing. What could be better? It’s time to forget expensive apps which never deliver what they claim. This app will make you question why you didn’t have it before.

There are so many more free slot apps, but I tried to find the best ones. They will change your life completely! Forget all your stress and anxiety. The best part is that they’re free. You don’t need to pay for downloading them, and that just makes everything even better. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!

Prepare for fun!

funHonestly, I think we have spent way too much money on apps which give us nothing in return. It’s time to change that! That’s why I recommend free slot apps, which can be your best decision of 2018. There is nothing better than taking care of yourself and your free time. Enjoy great apps for casino games and let me know which one is your favourite.

Free casino games – download now


The biggest trend

Welcome to our readers! Here at Addicting Games we try to find the best leisure activities for everyone and see what’s currently trending worldwide. That’s why today we will talk about free casino games download! This has taken the whole world by a storm, so I did some research, and there’s a lot that we need to discuss.

trendsFirstly, casino games have become so popular lately. I was so surprised when I found out that more than half of my friends already play them, and I didn’t even know that. Just think about the size of that community! No wonder why free casino games download is so trendy. Also, I must admit that the idea of downloading a game sounds so great. Just a few minutes to get the game and then you can enjoy it for as long as you want. Sounds like a bargain to me!

So many to choose from

Moreover, the variety of free casino games download is just surprising. You can easily get anything from slots to roulette and start playing high-quality games. It is so nice that everyone can find something that suits them perfectly. That’s what relaxation is all about. Also, no need to worry, since any person can easily find a game that will reduce their stress after a very long day. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Options4Let’s talk about the actual free casino games download. I must pay my respect to the game creators. I am not sure when was the last time that I so such high-quality games. You won’t even want to go to Las Vegas after playing them. Why? Well, who needs to go abroad if you have it all at home? That’s the beauty of free casino games download. People all around the world are already playing them. Missing out would be a total shame.

Get it for free

freeI feel like I forgot to put the emphasis on the most important part. They’re free! Yes, you read that right. No need to spend money just to download these amazing games. I’d say this is a big step in the right direction. This way everyone can enjoy great games and feel included. Now there is no reason not to try them. Also, I’d say that free is quite a good price. All jokes aside, who wouldn’t want free games?

Lastly, I’m sure that anyone can find something perfectly made for them. Any game has so many variations that you are bound to fall in love with some of them. Not even joking that there were Christmas slots not so long ago. Can you believe that? I felt like a child again while playing those games and that made me so happy.

You can also get that feeling of happiness right now. Finding your perfect game is not so difficult anymore, so choose! I’d say that getting free casino games download was easily the best decision of 2018. Well, this year has just started, but it’s never too early to make the right choice. I’m sure you will feel the same after trying out casino games.